Claramonte is...

A know-how

Launched in 2005 following the meeting between Philippe and Pierre, two art and design enthusiasts, Claramonte is an accessories and handbag brand with a nomadic and folkloric spirit. Passionate about the art of handmade craftsmanship, the creator’s innovative visions gave birth to the Claramonte universe. The modern and the tribal combine with choice materials and the color scheme, to create sophisticated handbags. Braiding is the touchstone to the Claramonte identity, serving as the trademark in all of their designs.


Art and material

Our collections are born first from high quality materials that serve as the inspiration before imagining their shapes. First, there is leather. An unique, noble and ancestral material, infinitely inspiring and further sublimated by the human hand. Our sensitivity to natural fibers such as linen and cotton guides each of our SUMMER collections. And to sublimate WINTER, we mix the nobleness of leather with soft wools, alpaca, and linen.
L'art et la matière
createurs Claramonte

Creators portraits

Pierre and Philippe

Philippe is sensitive to materials and colors. Pierre has an intimate relationship with forms and objects. Together, they fuse these skills with their visions to give the perfect balance to their colorful and bold creations.

Respect of the environment

and local supplies

Authenticity is the main value sought in every Claramonte creation. We devote the time and care to choose only quality materials and create real partnerships with our suppliers. Only natural leather is used to manufacture our handbags, using only plant-based dyes without polluting treatment. This process will give your leather bag a beautiful patina over time. We also source other natural textiles, such as hemp and flax, proudly produced in the heart of Europe, in Belgium or in France in all of our collections.

Artisanal manufacture

Hand braiding

A Claramonte handbag is a handbag braided and embroidered entirely by hand in Morocco. Each piece is unique because each artisan is unique. Every craftsman shares their expertise in every piece they work on. We take pride working directly with local artisans and sharing their ancestral and traditional know-how, especially for leather braiding, with our clients. For 15 years, each collection has been crafted in close collaboration between the designers and our team of weavers. We also take pride working with women's cooperatives. These expert hands and smiling faces are part of the Claramonte family today.