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Inspired by travel and rich traditions steeped in heritage, Parisian designers Pierre and Philippe offer you their Claramonte accessories and handbags line. With their unique bold touch unique, they turn traditional craftsmanship into an art using braided leather, rich colors paired with the natural elegance of the materials they use for their creations Enter this tribal and chic universe, artisanal and contemporary, raw and sophisticated, bohemian and ethnic, and all their creations to fall for. Each piece will tell you a story.

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At the heart of Claramonte’s creations are long lasting partnerships with artisan Morracan craftsmen. Their ancestral techniques, their use of traditional materials and their artisanship are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Claramonte’s designs. Claramonte designs are a marriage between this expert craftsmanship and the designer’s artistic touch. Come and discover the secrets of our Moroccan workshops.

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