Au zénith

Summer 2020

A solar collection for a scorching summer. Desire of light materials and refreshing colors. Oversized shapes like this large boiled linen beach tote handbag with its hand-crocheted raffia pocket in graphic and colorful stripes, on chick yellow or sea green large linen ... We are reimagining braiding once again, this time creating a madras pattern, entirely developed with our teams of weaving craftsmen. It is a collection rich in new materials, both in textiles and in details like handles made from tie-dye-dyed ribbon. We have also developed a style of hand embroidery, called RANDA, like those typically used on Moroccan kaftans in this collection. We incorporated the RANDA embroidery technique with our military canvas bucket bags. A small crossbody handbag in braided leather makes its statement with handles in tie & dye ribbon and a large strap in braided hemp thread for a light, summery effect. Our now classic FERIA tote bag is revisited with a mix of new materials: cotton yarn fringes, bayadere stripe woven linen, braided hemp handle as well as woven leather in fruity and tangy colors. You see ... You are at Zenith.

Small Jules



Oualidia Leather


"Push the door the sun is inside"

Feria Leather

Yvonne Leather








Au Zénith