Retour à Mogador

Fall/Winter 2019-2020

It all started in the town of Mogador, on the Moroccan Atlantic coast, where strong wind blows and the evenings are cool. The locals were wearing their big wool sweaters in geometric and tribal patterns which immediately inspired us. The tone was set: from that point on we were working with a cooperative of women, who hand knit these emblematic sweaters of this city. We exchanged ideas, we worked together, and then the ideas emerged organically: they wove knitted panels exclusively for our collection that we then mixed with our leathers. The result is surprising because it was raw and artisanal, yet contemporary and functional in its forms like those found in our large zipped handbag totes and its combinations of wool and braided leather. Small cocoon-shaped purses bring an original and playful touch to this collection and all looks and styles. The braiding is reinterpreted in two-tone stripes associated with large plaids, woven in a linen-wool blend, with wide bands. The handles and edges of the bags are lined with Italian striped silk ribbon. That's all that is Mogador. Welcome to Mogador.


petit sac a main bandouliere
sac a main bandouliere
petit sac a main en laine
sac a main femme hiver

"I was born in this city, a sparkling bride in her azure maida
let the blonde cohort of the dunes watch jealously. "


sac en cuir bandouliére
sac en cuir noir bandouliere

Small Feria Leather

sac cabas en cuir
sac cabas en cuir


Mogador Leather

sac a main en cuir
sac à main femme bandouliere

Mogador Fabrics

sac a main besace
sac à main cabas

Mogador Wool

sac a main laine
sac a main tressé main


sac bandouliere cuir


sac pablo cuir
sac cabas en cuir


Zavata leather

sac a main Zavata cuir noir
sac a main cuir bandouliere

Zavata Wool

sac a main bandouliére




Retour à Mogador